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Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Center

It was founded in 1995 by Brother Lorane of the congregation of the Marynol Missionaries of the United States of America. His main aim of starting this institution was to give the street children a ray of hope in life and in turn attempting to free the town of Mombasa of street children.

They did street work and managed to rescue, rehabilitate and re-unite children with their families.

However, in 2001 the Marynol Missionaries handed over the project to an indigenous congregation – The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Catholic arch-diocese of Mombasa.

-- What can you do for Grandsons   --How you can help/donate   --What we Offer

--working hard to change the lives of those least able to change themselves. We need your help to reduce the number of street children on the streets of Mombasa, resettle them back to their families and educate them....more>>


--You can help us change a child's life by donating in many different ways. Your donation will be used according to the needs of the children and the centre like food and clothing..more


--We provides a safe haven for the children and create an environment of growth through counseling, spiritual nourishment, formal and informal education, medical care and basic human need...more

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